Sunday, February 14, 2010

Google vs. Apple – GigaOM

We did not enter the search business, Jobs said. They entered the phone business. Make no mistake they want to kill the iPhone. We won't let them, he says.
Google vs. Apple – GigaOM
I hope we are not forced to choose between Google and Apple, it will not be an easy choice...
Google, please don't go to the evil side.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Google App update for the iPhone with Ninja!

Today Google released an update for their Google mobile app for the iPhone version 0.3.1448.
The update includes:
  • Speed improvements for search by voice
  • Support for British and Australian English accents.
  • Various bug fixes. Not
  • Longer version number.
  • Ninja.
Ninja! What is that?
The update is free for all and could be download through the app store

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gmail is Sick today

Today I was trying to get to my gmail account but I get this error page. Is gmail down...again?
Is this is the reason Gmail is still in beta.
Anyway, I still love my gmail ;-)

From the gmail blog
Before you can access your account, you may be asked to complete a CAPTCHA which asks you to type in a word or some letters. It's normal for this to happen any time you repeatedly request access to your account
I am not sure how normal is that... but I am glad its gmail is Back.

Friday, September 26, 2008

lightsaber is here!

It is finally here, the official Lightsaber Unleashed is out for the geeks of the world. It even has Star Wars music so you will look geekier while fighting the dark forces in your office. I know I did ;-)

Thursday, September 25, 2008


IBlogger is a mobile blogging platform for the iPhone. This post is being done with it. I was searching for an easier way to blog and, I am willing to give this one a try. The first onservation I have is that pictures and list is not enabled for Blogger. I will keep you posted

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mac Airport Leopard Problems

So you updated your Mac OS Leopard to the new 10.5.1 and suddenly you are having problems with your WiFi connection. This happened to me, sometimes I am connected and sometimes not, restarting did not solve the problem. I had to do some online search to find out how to solve this problem. I thought I will share my findings:

I think there is a bug in the Airport driver but until Apple fixes it, there is what to do:
  1. On your Router change the Wireless Mode to G-Only
  2. On your Router change the Wireless Security Mode from WEP to WPA or any advanced security mode higher that WEP.
  3. If you have multiple wireless profiles, delete them and keep only one.
This should get you going till the next Leopard update.

If this solution doesn't help, then you can try plugging in the power supply. For some reason, this improves the WiFi strength of the Macbook...

If you tried other solutions and they worked, please feel free to share them with us.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Google is in your library....

It has been a while I didn't blog, but I discovered something and there is no one to tell.
Have you tried My Library section in Google's book search?

You can add your books to My Library and search them, Yes... Search In Them!

When you click import books in My Library page, you will be asked to "Enter a list of ISBNs to add them to your library". Thats it, Google searches for your book in its bookstore and adds it to your library. Check My Library.

Now, you have the option to search inside your books.

I searched for "log4j" and it gave me the page number where it is mentioned in on of my books.

If you click on the link, you will get a preview.

Now I can Add my collage books so homeworks would be easier ;-)