Friday, January 26, 2007

Internet TV on DL.TV

The Internet has evolved to being a major player in the information business. With search engines like Google and Yahoo, the information you need, is just a click away. But what is better than reading the news? Is watching someone read them to you. And here, I am talking about Internet-TV.

DL.TV (Digital Life TV) is one of my favorite Internet-TV for tech news, or as DL.TV team puts it “For Tech Fans By Tech Fans”. They review new products, answer viewers' questions, offer solutions and just have fun. Patrick Norton and Robert Heron are the two hosts of DL.TV, recording their show twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays; the show usually takes some time to be available after that. I just finished watching their 134th episode. The website allows you to download the episodes in deferent formats so you can watch it on your portable media player.

Do I need to mention that DL.TV is owned by Ziff Davis Media the owner of PC MAG? So when they talk Tech, they know what they are saying ;o)

Homework: What is your favorite Internet-TV?

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