Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Logitech QuickCam® STX

  • I gave it a quick test, it worked on
    my Linux and on my Windows XP. The built in microphone is nice, but
    it would have been better to be able to disable the microphone from
    the cam's Control Panel.

  • It was easy to fit it on my laptop's monitor,
    as you can see in the pictures. The back part, or the tail, can be
    bent to adjust it to fit any monitor. The webcam also came with a
    base enabling it to sit on desk.
  • The picture
    quality is good, it has a dark setting that will brighten the
    picture; nice...
  • I tried it on MSN messenger, but
    the microphone didn't work, I think I need to change the MSN
    settings. Then I tried it on Skype, it worked great.

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